Wandsworth Gets Active!

Last Saturday (9 July) was Get Active Day in Wandworth. This was the first day in a festival that lasts until 24 July. As the name suggests, it is the start of a two week festival designed to help people get active in sports and the community.

There were a host of different organisations involved representing activities such as: tennis, football and yoga. Of course, Volunteering Wandsworth also had a pitch to help promote the service.

After a rather blustery start (and many flying leaflets!) when attempting to set-up the gazebo and displays, the event was in full swing and the shows on stage provided a great focus, featuring talks from top British athletes, Taekwondo and Boxing demonstrations as well as a Parkour (Free Running) showcase.

Meanwhile at the Volunteering Wandsworth pitch, we had many people approach us to discuss the possibility of volunteering or involving volunteers in their organisation, with a large proportion also registering on the spot. So, thank you to everyone who visited us. We hope that we can help you "get active" with volunteering opportunites very soon.

For more information on Get Active Wandsworth Festival 2011, visit the Get Active website or download the brochure.