Gain experience through volunteering

With today's job market becoming increasingly competitive, where prior experience and achievements are valued assets by employers, young people with relatively little job experience are finding it tough to find work.

It's a Catch 22 situation where without a job, you can't get experience and without experience, you can't get a job. It's no wonder that youth unemployment sits in the region of nearly 1,000,000 people.

However, increasingly over the past year, young people are looking at other ways of keeping active and building up their skills and experiences. The most notable is through volunteering.

Volunteering is designed to be highly flexible, allowing people of all ages to gain new skills, keep healthy and active all whilst making a positive contribution to the community.

As shown in a study by YouthNet, the number of applications and registrations is growing and this trend is only expected to continue. For more statistics have a look at the article from YouthNet.