Wandle Jubilee Weekends 2012

Available weekends of 2/3 June 2012 and 9/10 June 2012

The Wandle Weekends 2012 offer an opportunity for large and small organisations to provide wildlife, arts/craft, heritage, leisure activities and a variety of walks and cycle rides along the river. The Wandle Weekends and the Jubilee events coincide, so you may want to celebrate both at the same time!

If you decide to hold your own Big Jubilee Lunch, there are free starter packs available at The Big Lunch website. There are some wonderful green spaces along the Wandle that could be made available for this, and the Wandle Valley Festival (WVF) team could probably supply the appropriate contact.

You can register and describe your activity on the WVF website and include general information and contact details about your organisation.

To do so please click on Submit an Event. If you have any additional queries please contact admin@wandlevalleyfestival.org.uk or 020 8672 2073.