Trustees' Week - Volunteer @ Wandsworth Access Association

As this week is Trustees' Week, we will feature a new trustee or trustee-related opportunity every day this week.

Today's featured volunteer opportunity is:

Assistant Treasurer, Wandsworth Access Association

Opportunity Description

Assisting the Treasurer, to managing and keeping the records up to date, and manage the duties when the treasurer is unwell, away or in hospital. To attend at members meetings, the overall future view, to take over from the treasurer.

There are approximately 6 - 8 Meetings per year for 2 hours

Open to a Disable person as well as Non-Disabled person. Volunteer must live within a reasonable travelling distance to Wandsworth.

Skills & Qualifications Required

  1. Previous experience with bookkeeping and accountancy helpful but not essential.
  2. A basic knowledge of everyday maths, a basic knowledge of working with Microsoft Word and Excel Spreadsheets.
  3. An ability to be able to write cheques and basic banking (although there will be no money handling).
  4. The ability in the understanding of basic bookkeeping and keeping records in order.

To apply for this opportunity, please complete a registration form.

Already registered with us? E-mail us or call us on 0300 365 9950 to get involved.