Working it Out - ex-service personnel with Thrive

Working it Out is a proven and established Thrive programme which with the help of new funding has allowed us to extend the programme to our physically and psychologically disabled service and ex-service personnel.

Thrives Working it Out programme aims to fill a widely recognised and serious gap in the provision of rehabilitation and reintegration services for service and ex-service personnel.
Working it Out is a vocational training and personal development programme designed to enable ex-service personnel to gain the skills and qualifications they need to progress towards employment using gardening to empower participants to manage a transition to or re-engagement with the civilian community; and to create a pathway to employment  through achieving the following goals:-
  • Improved physical health
  • Improved psychological health
  • Reducing social isolation
  • Developing personal, life, volunteering and work skills
  • Gaining qualifications
  • Taking up voluntary roles in the community
This Working it Out programme will run Tuesdays from Battersea Park starting in November 2012.
If you would like any further information on Thrive’s programmes please contact Shirley Wisbach on 020 7720 2212 or email