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This week's featured volunteer opportunity is:

Event Support, Wandle Trust

Opportunity Description

As a member of the Event Support Team, you will become an integral part of the Wandle Trust Events Team. You will help deliver community and corporate events, with responsibility for the safety and well being of a group of volunteers. You will also be involved in the planning, preparation and delivery of these events.

As a member of the Event Support Team you can be involved in a number of different aspects of an event. Some of the typical tasks we expect you to undertake are as follows:

  • With a member of staff help load the van with all necessary equipment prior to the event
  • If not travelling in the van, arrive at the site in good time to assist staff and other members of the Event Support Team in unloading and setting up the equipment
  • Meet and greet volunteers when they arrive at the site, man the gazebo, look after personal belongings, liaise with members of the public promoting the Trust.
  • Setting up teas/coffees and clearing up afterwards.
  • Assist volunteers in getting the correct equipment for the event e.g the right size of safety chest waders and gloves
  • Being responsible for a group of volunteers at the event. This will include making sure they are following the health and safety advice given at the start of the event, supervising them on the bank, their entry into the river, whilst they work in the river, their exit from the river and answering any questions they may have
  • Helping staff in the preparation of hand washing facilities and relieving volunteers of their kit i.e. seeing that waders are returned to the correct crate and dirty gloves are put into the dirty gloves bin and not put into the clean gloves boxes.
  • Assisting with loading up the van at the site

Skills & Qualifications Required

  • A reasonable level of physical fitness
  • A level of responsibility
  • A level of commitment although we are flexible
  • An ability to deal with a wide range of people who attend our events
  • A helpful attitude

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