Listening Books - Speaking Volumes

Listening Books is a charity that works with over 27,000 people across the UK who have an illness or disability which makes it difficult or impossible for them to read in the usual way. We have a library of over 7000 audiobooks including a wealth of fiction for adults and children. We also run an education programme called Sound Learning, offering books which support the National Curriculum and learning. We have recently been funded to offer places for free to our audiobook library service for ex-offenders, and offenders who are on license or serving their sentence in the community, and who struggle to read the printed word.

We hope that having access to audiobooks will reduce feelings of exclusion, give more positive attitudes to education, broaden viewpoints by being able to access literature, and create less anxiety around the printed word. Of course, ultimately, we hope that through the above there may be a reduced probability of re-offending.

Our service is very beneficial for those who struggle with the printed word so if you can’t read, why not listen instead?

To take advantage of this offer, please contact the library on 020 7407 9417, or alternatively email for more information.