Opportunity of the Week @ Thomas Pocklington Trust

This week's featured volunteer opportunity is:

Talking News Sound Engineer, Thomas Pocklington Court

Opportunity Description


  • Recording the Wandsworth Talking Newspaper and reading live in the studio

Key Tasks:

  • To prepare the studio for the live recording of the Talking Newspaper
  • To check the sound levels or the reader's voice prior to live recording
  • Record, edit and monitor the sound quality and manage the live recording session of the Wandsworth Talking Newspaper
  • Ensure the Master copy is given to the audio copier for duplication

Benefits to the Volunteer

  • Learning and developing basic recording studio skills
  • Knowing that your contribution will ensure enjoyment in the lives of our listeners
  • The enjoyment of meeting new people
  • The opportunity to gain experience of the voluntary and charity sector

Skills & Qualifications Required

  • Be punctual and reliable in attending recording sessions.
  • Be able to work as part of a team.
  • Be self-motivated and confident in working alone.
  • Ability to operate simple recording and sound equipment with training.
  • Being able to maintain a good level of concentration over a period of time.
  • Being able to give clear instruction whilst under time constraints.
  • Have a good sense of humour.

To apply for this opportunity, please complete a registration form or apply via the Do-it website.

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