Opportunity of the Week @ Freeformers Limited

This week's featured volunteer opportunity is:

TechJam Leader, Freeformers Limited

Opportunity Description

The web is a playground for anyone who knows how to create fun stuff like websites and apps, which is empowering and can save you money. The problem is that we are all users of the web but very few of us know how to make stuff on it.

Freeformers show you how easy and fun it is to learn the basics in a local, volunteer-led, digital making club called a TechJam. Freeformers is rolling these out for free so that everyone can access the readily available and free tools on the web. This is a shout out for a local person in Wandsworth to make a difference to people's lives, contribute to a bigger UK goal of helping people become more digitally savvy, and develop their own learning. You don't need to be a tech genius but with a little bit of knowledge and bucket loads of enthusiasm we can help you become a TechJam leader.

Benefits to the Volunteer

  • Development of your own digital skills through support from Freeformers
  • Development of presentation and leadership skills
  • Playing a central role in a community group
  • Supercharging your employability as digital awareness is becoming an important element to most jobs
  • The chance to be part of the Freeformers community

Skills & Qualifications Required

All we ask is that people have a basic level of digital awareness, for example understanding the simple idea that the Web is made up of billions of documents stored on servers and that hyperlinks connect those together. That's all! We value enthusiasm, a willingness to learn and someone who feels comfortable leading a group.

Minimum age: 18

To apply for this opportunity, please complete a registration form or apply via the Do-it website.

Already registered with us? E-mail us or call us on 0300 365 9950 to get involved.