Trustee Opportunity of the Day @ South London Relief-in-Sickness Fund

In celebration of Trustees' Week, today's featured trustee opportunity is:

Trustee, South London Relief-In-Sickness Fund

Opportunity Description

To be a trustee on the South London Relief in Sickness Fund which meets quarterly to distribute one off grants to individuals living in the boroughs of Lambeth and Wandsworth, who have a long term disability of sickness. Applications are received usually from local voluntary organisations or statutory bodies. Approximately £15,000 per annum is distributed to approximately about 100 people.

Experience in decision making as part of a team; setting priorities; contributing to your local community, and experience of committee work.

Skills & Qualifications Required

Ability to:

  • assess and make value judgements on the applications submitted;
  • read and understand the applications received;
  • attend quarterly meetings regularly; to have an understanding of the range of disabilities and diversity of the population of Lambeth and Wandsworth;
  • live or work in Lambeth or Wandsworth.

Also desirable will be:

  • some experience in the wider health and social care field;
  • some experience in investment/financial matters;
  • experience in dealing with the wider public;
  • experience of committee work.

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