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This week's featured volunteer opportunity is:

Battersea Park - Winter Volunteering, Quadron Services

Opportunity Description


Come join our volunteering opportunities in the amazing gardens of Battersea Park! The park is about 200 acres in size and includes a Local Nature Reserve. Our current winter activities concentrate on winter pruning in order to prepare the site for the onset of Spring.This is important to ensure park sight lines are maintained on site and encourage new healthy growth in the mature planting beds . We began this work in early winter and we are already seeing the benefit of this work. The variety of volunteering tasks include: Pruning / Clearance / Planting / Hedging / Edging/ Leafing / Mulching.


All welcome. Tasks allow everyone to be involved, those with and without gardening experience. We are also keen to involve people living/working/visiting in the vicinities of the park.


During the winter season volunteers are welcomed every Tuesday and Thursday from the 13th of Feb untill the 27th of Feb at 10:00 to 15:00 (with a break for lunch).


Battersea Park.


  • watch weather forcast and come prepared for conditions
  • wear suitable outdoor clothing and sturdy footwear (no toe capped boots required)
  • bring a packed lunch, and hot/cold drinks

Volunteering Dates: 13th Feb, 18th Feb, 20th Feb, 25th Feb, 27th Feb.

Benefits to the Volunteer


  • reimbursement for transportation expenses up to £3.00
  • 30 minute induction (type of work, tasks, tool handling, health & safety)
  • tools, safety gloves, and vests
  • supervision and guidance as needed; emergency first-aid
  • information on park facilities
  • sign-up sheet (start of day) and evaluation form (end of day)
  • opportunity to arrange a guided walk of the park for volunteers at the end of the session
  • learn about park's maintenance plan, native and non-native species, habitats, wildlife
  • benefit from London's green and open spaces
  • share/learn skills and experiences with/from others
  • meet new people and get to know the park's community
  • meet people from the local community in and around the park

Skills & Qualifications Required

  • A love for the outdoors
  • A passion for parks and green spaces
  • A willingness to learn and work as part of a team

If the above sounds like you we look forward to hearing from you.

To apply for this opportunity, please complete a registration form or apply via the Do-it website.

Already registered with us? E-mail us or call us on 0300 365 9950 to get involved.