Changes to the provision of Volunteering Services in Wandsworth

Volunteering Wandsworth has been helping the residents and employees of Wandsworth find volunteering for the last three years. The service has engaged with over 8500 people in that time, working with over 300 organisations, charities and voluntary groups.

Wandsworth Council is facing huge financial challenges resulting from planned and forecast reductions in Government grant. The Council is undertaking extensive reviews of all services, including the way that it supports volunteering. 

As a result, the funded service provided by Volunteering Wands worth will cease on 31st March 2014. For further information please visit

From 1st April an online brokerage service will be accessible at for both individuals wishing to volunteer and for organisations seeking to involve volunteers in their work.

Assistance with online registration may be accessed via the Volunteering Wandsworth phone line between the hours of 10 am and 12 midday. Outside of these hours a voicemail service will operate with a callback from a team member within 48 hours.

The online service will continue to promote volunteer opportunities on behalf of Wandsworth organisations. Forms will be accessible online for registration of volunteer opportunities. Referrals of volunteers will be made by email directly via our website. General advice and guidance for organisations involving volunteers in their work will be available via the Volunteering Wandsworth website. Links to Council and other websites will optimize self-navigation and signposting to resources within the borough.

Volunteering Wandsworth is delivered by Groundwork London. Groundwork London has been working with communities across the borough for over 8 years and remains committed to the voluntary sector in Wandsworth and to inspiring and supporting volunteering.

If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Ben Richardson, on 0300 365 9950 or