March for the Veterans of the Polish Home Army Fund

Poland Street, London's leading Polish volunteering organisation in London, is inviting volunteers to help raise money for the Veterans of the Polish Home Army (or AK) Fund throughout the month of March.

The Fund was set up in 1947 in London with the aim to support the poorest WWII veterans living in Poland, and has so far provided vital funds to thousands of veterans and also widows of those who fought in the War.

The history of Poland following WWII was a complicated one and the subsequent years under the Soviet communist dominance were marred by social unrest and economic depression. The same people who had fought for the freedom of Poland, and Europe, suffered most – regarded as the ‘enemies’ of the new system, they were stuck in low-paid jobs and faced a bleak future as result. Today, most of them live on a very low income ( due to low state pensions) and can’t afford the basics, such as medicines.

Poland Street has for many years now been supporting the the work of the Fund by helping raise money for their beneficiaries.

Today, we are asking everyone to spare two hours of their time and take part in the March collection.

Collections will take place every Saturday and Sunday in Polish Cultural Centre (POSK) at 238-246 King Street, London, W6 0RF, and also after Sunday masses at:

1 March - Polish Parish, Croydon
8 March - Polish Parish, Ealing Broadway
8 March - Polish Parish, Hammersmith
15 March - Polish Parish, Putney
22 March - Polish Parish, Angel

Your help will be very much appreciated - for more information please get in touch with us at