Trsutees urgently needed!

Charity trustees are required for Our support Care, based in Balham, a small charity organisation who are looking for volunteers who can work as a team.

Trustee Roles:
A chair of trustees, a secretary, a treasurer and a fundraising trustee

The trustees have to have a shared vision and agreement about the organisation. They must also have short and long-term goals, the ability and willingness to plan and work together with me the founder of the charity organisation.

Trustee skills:
Shared beliefs and aims of what the charity needs to achieve.  People who are enthusiastic and committed. Honest, fair, have understanding of equality and diversity, are good listeners and able to communicate effectively.

The roles and responsibilities of the chair of trustees:
To make sure the organisation functions properly e.g. plan chair meetings. Ensure the organisation is managed effectively e.g liaise with the manager or the founder. Able to deal with conflict. Good time keeping. Good representation of the organisation e.g. attendance of external meetings.

Roles and responsibilities of the secretary:
To make arrangements for the meetings, prepare agendas in consultation with the chair and manager. Circulate agendas and supporting papers in good time. Check a quorum is present. Take the minutes of the meetings and circulate to all members. Keep up to date list of members. Keep diary of meetings and activities and circulate the agendas and minutes for the Annual General meeting (AGM).

Role and responsibilities of the treasurer:
To maintain an overview of the organisation's finances. To make sure the group spends its money correctly and keep proper accounts. Provide financial planning and budgeting. Provides financial reporting so trustees and the manager can make informed decisions about money. Liaise with staff about financial matters. Ensure appropriate accounting procedures are in place. Ensure accounts are examined as required by law. As above, have good time keeping. Have experience of financial control and budgeting. Capable of handling figures and cash.

If you are interested in this role, please email Uwa Rachel Onyike at or call her on 07538713409